Why do some flights get canceled in Cappadocia?

Since ballooning is a weather-dependent activity, there is a possibility Cappadocia hot air balloon flight will be canceled last minute. About an hour or so before the flight, pilots and the ballooning team, in coordination with Civil Aviation, check the weather and decide if flights can happen or not. If flying is not permitted that day, they will cancel all the flights, and they can cancel them because of different weather conditions such as rain, storm, or strong winds.
In Cappadocia, It’s crucial to know if balloons got canceled as soon as possible to act accordingly. Flying hot air Balloons depends on the weather, mainly the wind speed and direction. Although Cappadocia has the most flying days per year record worldwide, balloons are not guaranteed to fly every day, and it’s not possible to know if a specific day next month or next week balloons will be flying. Most days, the status of whether the balloons will fly or not can be known only at the sunrise just before the flight. Sometimes it gets canceled 24 before the flight because reliable weather forecasts cov
If hot air baloons gets canceled due to bad weather, you can choose to get a full refund or reschedule your photo shoot for the next day (if there is availability)

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